Google Analytics Training

Google Analytics training in a nutshell

  • Live projects
  • Covers both Intermediate and advanced Analytics concepts
  • Qualified & Experienced trainers
  • Understanding of Google Analytics & its functionality
  • Study on customer behaviour
  • Practical approach to Google Analytics tools
  • Report & Data Analysis
  • Google Analytics Certification

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  • Duration of Google Analytics training program is 5 hrs.

  • Google Analytics training program is scheduled in Group and One to one batches. Based on the requirement of the student, one can opt for either One to one or group batch.

    The course fee for One to one (Individual) batch is Rs 5000

    The course fee for Group batch is Rs 2500


The training program helps student focus on the monitoring aspects of a campaign. The student gets hands on training experience on tracking the performance of the campaign, website performance, customer interaction, time spent on website etc. ILT training equips the student to use various Google Analytics tools for tracking purposes


      • Introduction to Google Analytics
      • How Google analytics works
      • Google analytics account structure
      • Understanding Google analytics insights
      • Understanding cookie tracking
      • How to set up analytics account
      • How to add analytics code in website
      • How to setup goals
      • Understanding different types of goals
      • Understanding bounce & bounce rate
      • How to reduce bounce rate
      • How to set up funnels in goals
      • Importance of funnels
      • How to integrate adwords and analytics account
      • Benefits of integrating adwords& analytics
      • Measuring performance of marketing campaigns via Google analytics
      • What is link tagging
      • How to set up filters & segments
      • How to view customized reports
      • Monitoring traffic sources
      • Monitoring traffic behavior

Suitable For


Google Analytics training program is beneficial for those individuals who would like to pursue career in Google Analytics management. However the candidate should have good analytics and computational skills as the subject deals with the same. The training program is ideal for:

  • Website owners
  • Students
  • College pass-outs
  • Business owners
  • CEOs
  • Marketing professionals
  • Post graduation candidates
  • Web Developers
  • E-commerce professionals & enthusiasts

Course Benifits

1. After successful completion of Google Analytics training program the student shall be proficient enough to monitor the performance of the website and do the necessary tweaks for a better ROI.

2. In-depth understanding of various analytics tools and their functionality

3. Plan, organise and analyse data for better traffic.

4. Track the performance of various internet channels and do the necessary tweaks

5. Make website more user friendly based on gathered user data and interaction


  • Is there a certification?

    Yes, there are Google AdWords and Google Analytics certifications after successful completion of the course.

  • Is there any minimum qualification to pursue the program?

    12th pass is the minimum qualification.A staunch desire for learning is the only prerequisite.

  • Are digital marketing professionals really in demand?

    The lifestyle of a typical smartphone user can be tracked from his online activities like online transactions, social media interactions, online search etc. And digital marketing professionals are the ones who constantly monitor and analyse these activities. The “digital marketing” wave has captured diverse markets at a very fast pace with the proliferation of internet to semi-urban and even rural regions. Opportunities in digital marketing are unlimited, both in the case of a business establishment or an individual.

  • Is training available in online mode?

    Yes, In-depth digital marketing training is available via online mode.

Meet Our Trainers

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    Jitto Jose

    Qualification : Google Adwords & Analytics Certified Professional,
    Experience : 15 Years Experience


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    Jimmy, Kochi

    Email:, Mobile – 9847241157

    I was sent to Mumbai by my employer for the purpose of acquiring digital marketing skills. I attended the training program in Mumbai but was not at all happy or satisfied with the same. Meanwhile, I decided to look for a better option and that’s how ILT caught my attention. I took the one month digital marketing training program from ILT and it was completely live sessions. I could learn even the most advanced digital marketing techniques with ease which did not happen in my previous training. Thanks ILT – I am a competent digital marketing professional right now.

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    Joseph Antony - Kochi/Madurai

    Email:, Mobile – +91 9846127273

    Having around 15 years of experience in travel industry, I was quite aware of the scope of online marketing in travel sector. I was determined to get to know more about digital marketing and its intricacies and therefore decided to join a reputed digital marketing training institute. Many of my friends recommended ILT based in Kochi. Very soon, I met Mr. Jitto Jose – the CEO of ILT and came to know that he had around 12 years experience in digital marketing and was both Google Analytics and Google Adwords certified professional!! Without giving a second thought, I joined ILT and within a

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    Ashish Kumar, Cochin

    Mobile – 9496301584

    After completing my MBA, I worked as a marketing person. But as things changed when generic marketing became less effective, I was forced to know more about the digital side. To learn it, I joined for an ILT course. Now, I’m an expert in digital marketing, and I’m ahead the competition. Thanks to ILT.

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